Croatian honey jars

Product Design

Besides quality, nothing would make Croatian honey more recognisable than a jar in the shape of a cube - the standard Croatian symbol.

The cube is made of two elements: a transparent glass part and a wooden part containing the metal lid.

The fine touch of wood prepares one for the contact with the fine taste of the honey, contributing to the experience of quality, pleasure and health.

The 720, 580 and 370 ml jars' sides are 10,2 cm long. The 210 ml souvenir jar's sides are 7,2 cm long, and 150 and 100 ml jars can be made to fit that size, too.

The wooden lid can be engraved with the symbols of producers, the Croatian honeymakers' association, etc.

The label can vary according to the origin of honey: A zig-zag line for the mountaineous region of Croatia, a straight one for the Pannonian region, and a wavy one for the Mediterranean one. The label is transparent, letting the honey's colour come to the fore.

Authors: Ana Armano Linta, Veljko Armano Linta, Karlo Pavičić