Product Design

OPIP and SHUM are tactile and auditory variants of the memory game.

The experience of OPIP and SHUM begins by delving into contact with nature: By taking 16 wooden tiles (OPIP) or 16 wooden cubes (SHUM) out of their cotton bags.

Then comes the discovery phase: Each tile is smooth on one side, while the other is a frame for various materials that are interesting to touch. Each cube is a kind of a frame too: It is hollow and contains a material that makes a particular sound when shaken.

However, these fine, handcrafted wooden items aren’t just frames for materials, but for our perception too: For the moment in which we focus our attention to how our fingers touch the OPIP and how our ears “touch” the SHUM.

It’s a moment we dedicate to ourselves, free from the hustle of everyday life and free from the visual hyper-stimulation typical of our society. A moment dedicated to fine senses, but also to spending time with each other, playing, surprising, laughing and connecting.

That’s why we didn't design and make OPIP and SHUM just as a tactile and auditory game (variants of the memory game), but also as an invitation to live with more beauty and awareness.

You can buy OPIP and SHUM online or order at studio@armanolinta.hr

Designed by Armano Linta, studio for architecture and design

Handmade tiles and cubes by Đogić Art, woodcrafts atelier