"Tree Gallery" pavilion


Nowadays life is often full of haste and hurry. There are no gradual transitions between spaces, moments, and our activities. That is why this design consists of one gradual transition.

The Tree Gallery is a space for the inhabitants of the frantic city rhythm, to help them change perspective, slow down and connect with natural rhythms.

A gentle ramp is set between two parallel spiral walls. Starting from the city, the ramp rises up to the segment where it is between two solid walls so that one can see only the sky, and then descends into the introverted inside of the "gallery", which contains a park with deciduous trees.

The first part of the ramp is flanked by an interrupted city-oriented wall, and the last part by an interrupted Gallery-oriented wall, so the transition between the two parallel universes is gradual, and allows one to have a fresh view down upon the city while returning to it.

The atmosphere in the gallery changes constantly depending on the time of the day, the weather conditions and the season, so the main exhibitions in the Gallery are "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter".

Authors: Veljko Armano Linta & Duje Katić